Hello, and welcome to my portfolio. I'm a freelance developer based in Devon, mainly working on web based applications.

I'm fluent in JavaScript, ActionScript 3, PHP, HTML, CSS and am proficient in lots of other languages/markups.

I have experience with many frameworks and libraries including PureMVC, Parsley/SpiceLib, Zend, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Google Maps APIs, Raphael.js, Backbone.js, SASS, and CoffeeScript.

If you wish to contact me, and you are not a Recruitment Agent, please me.

TNS Digital Life Digit London

I built this from the ground up for Digit London. The site had to be engaging, yet use no proprietary plugins, especially Flash, as it needed to work on iPads. I built on a Code Igniter back-end, html5 front-end with History.js for seamless navigation, and Raphael.js for the vector rendering for all the data visualisations.

View: tnsdigitallife.com

Senna Memory Map Pirata

A project that gives Ayrton Senna fans the chance to leave their tributes and memories of senna based on their location.

Technology: HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Google Maps and GeoCoder APIs, CodeIgniter, Google Closure Compiler

View: senna.mclaren.com

Mclaren F1 Pirata

The main race navigation and live dashboard updates, including real-time telemetry from the McLaren team cars during practice, qualifying and races.

Technology: HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, JSON

View: mclaren.com/formula1

Panto Karaoke Pirata

A really fun project aimed at kids over the christmas holidays. It allows them to perform pantos using their webcam and places the characters hats on top of their heads using face-recognition. Movies are recorded to a Media server and can be sent to friends and family, who are then asked to donate to Barnardos

Technology: ActionScript 3, Parsley Framework, Wowza Media Server, Zend AMF, Face Recognition with High-pass filtering


PolarClock Screensaver

Flash screensaver written initially to research drawing arcs, and text mapped to polar arcs in ActionScript 3.


Orange Balloonacy (1.0) Poke

A balloon race across the internet! Crazyness. Tens of thousands of punters raced across selected websites, in 3d, to travel the furthest in seven days to win awesome prizes.

Technology: ActionScript 3, Papervision 2 (with rewrite of core math), LoWra framework, AMFPHP

Art Directors Club Gold Cube ‘Innovation’ 2009
Creative Annual Review Winner ‘Best in Book’ 2009

No longer live, view videos
3D engine test: view
Promo Video: view
Performance Testing: view

Panasonic Viera de-construct

The fourth in a series of sites for Panasonic Europe promoting their Viera range of TVs.

Technology: ActionScript 3, Localisation

View archived: Viera Experience

Energy Drive playerthree

A fun little game, using the Flade Rigid Body Physics engine, this required lots of internal reworking of the engine to perform how desired.

Technology: ActionScript 2, Flade physics engine, JSON, and lots of research into rigid body maths.

Play Game

Adidas Stella McCartney de-construct

Look book site for Stella McCartney's range of sportswear. Over two seasons there was one site for Spring/Summer and one for Autmn/Winter.

Spring/Summer: view
Autumn/Winter: view

Barbican Website de-construct

Using Flash and XML, with a CMS, I developed the flash for the homepage and main page of each section as a single flash application that was entirely configured and laid-out using XML generated by the CMS.

View: Barbican Website

World Creative Forum de-construct

Simple site for the World Creative Forum. I had great fun with the typography on this one.

View archived: World Creative Forum

Adidas_1 de-construct

Pre-launch site for adidas' new intelligent shoe. The shoe adapts to your running style, over-pronation etc.

Technology: ActionScript, Hand-built 3D engline. XML, custom font-loading for localisation.

View archived: adidas_1

Pixelbreaker v1

Some really early work I did with Flash while living in Hong Kong and for the couple of years following. It looks really dated, that's because this was first launched in November 2000!

View pixelbreaker v1